WARNING: raw pictures. no landmarks. proceed at your own risk.


Heartbeats skybox [rebuilt] – Kuro

Canoe – Consignment (@C88)

Urne de terre cuite – Apple Fall



The swingers dining set – Kuro

Color block rug – Kuro

Winter dishes  – Kalopsia

Candle sticks – Kalopsia

Cake – Kalopsia

Hanna sideboard – Kunst

Oil can with flowers – Keke

Geosculpture – Fancy Decor

Mirror  – O.M.E.N.

Table decoration – Kalopsia

Winter bottle – Keke

Lillies – Keke

My box of poetry books – Scarlet Creative

Light – Consignment (@C88)


Corner sofa – Soy (@C88)

Billiard rug – Consignment

Felix table – MudHoney

Pillow crate – Consignment (@C88)

Chelsea glam vases – MudHoney

Tv Table – Consignment (@C88)

Felix mirror – MudHoney

Felix frames – MudHoney

Felix candles – MudHoney

The Three lamps – Kuro


Giant teller lamp – Apple Fall

Halsten snuggler chair – DIGS

Fabrique – Apple Fall

Sketchbook – Apple Fall

Toronto industrial clock – Bazar

Vintage camera – Apple Fall

Toronto study carpet – Bazar

My favorite desk – Kuro

My favorite chair – Kuro

Toronto study drawer – Bazar

Toronto study plant – Bazar

Lykke stool – DIGS

Astronomer’s table lamp – DIGS

Studybooks – Bazar

Laptop  – DIGS

Crete succulents – Bazar

Toronto great ideas – Bazar


Bed – Kuro (coming soon)

Bedroom set – Consignment (@C88)

Mannequin – Apple Fall

Toasty Slippers – What Next

Camden rug – Balaclava

Fern specimen – Apple Fall

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