Mediterranean breeze…

WARNING: raw pictures. sculpted content. no landmarks. proceed at your own risk.


Mediterranean home – Kuro


Crete hammock chair – Bazar


Cooper’s leather sofa – Consignment

Antique armchair – Kuro (@Sad November)

Tris rug – Consignment

Douglas desert prints – DIGS

Antique cupboard – Kuro (@Sad November)

Sketchbook – Apple Fall

Rounded coffee table – Consignment

Succulents – Bazar

Ferris wheel – Kuro (@Sad November)

Elven tree – Go!

Crete basket  – Bazar

On air microphone – Consignment

Books + flowers – Kuro


Catia Kitchen – Consignment

Butterfly table – Kuro

dine plates – Art Dummy

Antique kitchen Chairs – Trompe Loeil

Winter rug – Kuro (coming soon)

Uva’s flowers – Kuro

Patisserie – What next


Cozy bed – Kuro

Cubistic sidetable – Vespertine

Fisherman lamp – 22769

Lake house pottery  – 22769

Inspiration desk – Kuro (@TLC)

Dressed metal chair – Kuro (@TLC)

Doufour pouf – DIGS

Great ideas – Bazar

Laptop – Kuro & COn

Fling stool – Kunst

Study books – Bazar

Desk clutter – Kuro (@TLC)

Billiard rug – Consignment

Travel drawers – Apple Fall

Lake house gallery – 22769

Fern specimen – Apple Fall

Hat box – Apple Fall

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