Last bits of silence….

WARNING: raw pictures. sculpted content. no landmarks.

proceed at your own risk.


Prefab | AptB



Hanging plant | Bauwerk
Willow plant | Sway’s
Tall planter | Kuro
Steel cube with plant | Bauwerk
Shoe planters | Breno


Ikat dhurrie rug | Zaara
Wavie desk | Kuro
Wavie belted chair | Kuro
Giant teller lamp | Apple Fall
Laptop prop | DIGS
Astronomer’s Newton’s cradle | DIGS
Shaw’s painting cabinet | Kuro & Consignment


Chelsea sofa | MudHoney
Mantis lamp | N4RS
Zoe chair | MudHoney
Chelsea rug | MudHoney
White wrapped stool | Kuro & Consignment
Lydia amsonia flowers | Aria
Astronomer’s study journal | DIGS
Baskets | Bazar
City walkouts linocut prints | DIGS


Bed Chicago | B.C.C.
Old stool | Kalopsia
Succulents | Bazar
Classic wardrobe | Brixley
Hat box | Apple Fall
Telescope box |7 Emporium
Oxilamp | Kuro
Vintage bruxelle rug | N4RS
Travel vanity | Second Spaces
Morrison packing create screen | Junk


Eat light bulb | Black Bantam
Skull plant pot | Consignment
Industrial Kitchen set | Bauwerk
Iversen place set | DIGS
Upcycled bike seat | Black Bantam
Pears in a wooden dish | Black Bantam

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