Laying low…

WARNING: raw pictures. sculpted content. no landmarks.

proceed at your own risk.


Microapartment [rebuilt] | Kuro



Cooper’s leather sofa | Consignment
The cave tub chair | Consignment
Billiard rug | Consignment
Vintage theater spotlight | Consignment
Memory collector | Junk
Hannah sideboard | Kunst
Lydia decorative book pile | Aria
Books with skull holder | Bauwerk
Half man(nequin) | Junk
Geosculpture | Fancy decor
DNA model | Consignment
Rope heart | Consignment
Guitar display | Consignment
Hanging candelabra | Consignment



Fridge | Bauwerk
Pendles | Keke
Candy kitchen (tainted) | Kuro
Extra virgin olive oil set | M*M
Cast iron skillet | Little boxes
Esko enamelware coffee pot | Post
Castara shelf with utensils | The Loft
Milk carton | M*M
Free range 6 eggs | M*M
Fresh baked bread | Post
Stock pots | Little boxes
Cookbooks | The Loft
Mortar & pestal | Zaara
Honey set | M*M
Sugar and coffee canisters | The Loft
Pickled veggies | The Loft
Cloves, bayleaves, star anises | Zaara
Plates | Zigana
Stacked plates | Art dummy
Plates on rack | LISP
Plate with onions and carrots | Bauwerk
Navarre cutting board | Post
Bar stools | Kuro



Old coat | Apple Fall
Signs | 7 Emporium
Medical skeleton | Consignment & Floorplan
Junk cupboard | Consignment
Towel on hook | Consignment & Floorplan
Antique mirror | Consignment & Floorplan
Marble basin sink | Consignment & Floorplan
DeWitt shaving kit | Post
Morrison cushion pile | Junk
Gaia bed | Aria
Wall mounted front ends | Consignment
Bedroom lamp | Bazaar
Philby radio | 7 Emporium
6 stack of books | 7 Emporium
Fern specimen | Apple Fall

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