Woodsman’s cottage…


Cottage – Estate Sale – Woodsman’s cottage  (part of 7 holiday gifts)Snapshot_419

Board – Zacca – part of garden cafe setSnapshot_422Snapshot_420Snapshot_421Snapshot_423

Lights – {What next} – Amalfi string lights

Lamp – 22769 – bauwerk decorative lantern (part of the Advent calendar gifts)

Stool – 22769 – bauwerk rattan sitting bag (part of the Advent calendar gifts)

Bird – LISP – Sparrow perky


Table – LISP – Woodcutter table (slightly modified)

Chairs – {What next} – Pineknot dining chair

Plate – {What next} – Christmas laurel decorative place setting

Candle – {What next} – Christmas laurel giftbox dinner candle

Cake – Tres blah – Pastry mania “Bon appetit cake” (@ The Arcade)

Wall art – 22769 – Bauwerk Winterframes (part of the Advent calendar gifts)

Shelves – 22769 – Granny’s type case (part of the Advent calendar gifts)Snapshot_427

Christmas tree – Cheeky Pea – Tynebank antler tree (@ The Mens Dept)

Gift boxes – MudHoney (@ The Arcade)Snapshot_432Snapshot_431Snapshot_428Snapshot_429Snapshot_430

Kitchen – *~MMG’s~*

Pot – LISP – Mermaids&Seadogs pan

Cans – Second Spaces – part of Charming country kitchen set

Book – LISP – Peaches and recipe book decor

Bowls – LISP – Mermaids&Seadogs bowls

Cake – LISP – Fancy cake

Wood basket – LISP – Log basket with axe

Clock – Sway’s – [Spirit] Pendulum clock (@ The Arcade)Snapshot_417Snapshot_414Snapshot_415Snapshot_434

Round table – {What next} – Pineknot dining table

Square table – LISP – Acorn table

Stools – Zacca – part of Garden cafe set

Lamps – {What next} – Christmas doorway lanternsSnapshot_413Snapshot_412Snapshot_407

On Luana:

Skin – [The skinnery] – Mirte

Hair – Chemistry – Lyric

Sweater – tulip. – Baggy sweater (@ The Arcade)

Jeans – into dust- fall mesh skinnies

Boots – Maitreya – Stagioni boots

Gloves – 22769 – woolen mittens (part of the Advent calendar gifts)Snapshot_406Snapshot_409

Chair – Zigana – lazy sunday chair – (@ The Arcade)

Book – {What next} – Nightstand book

Glasses – {What next} – Nightstand reading glasses

Lamps – {What next} – Hanging glimmer lampSnapshot_410

Please note that no animals have been hurt during this photoshoot. They have been kindly requested to pose for us.

5 thoughts on “Woodsman’s cottage…

    • Hi Augusta 🙂
      First of all, thank you very much!
      The advent calendar is something that some stores all over the grid are doing for whoever wants to join. They simply put out a special gift for each day until Christmas. The one mentioned on this post is brought by 22769, and if you go to their mainstore, you will find a christmas tree with some gift boxes beneath it. Each day, one gift is unlocked and only available for the next 24hours.
      The cottage itself is part of the 7 holiday gifts by Faint Paulse, the creative mind behind Ladies Who Lunch and The Estate Sale. In this case, each day one new gift is revealed and available at one of the locations of her stores. You can find more info on her flickr stream/plurk and urls to stores on her profile.

      I hope I explained it all well 🙂

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